Speed Roulette: Things You Should Know Before You Start Playing

Speed Roulette: Things You Should Know Before You Start Playing

For the most part, gameplay will work exactly the same as the developers standard Live Roulette table. The difference is that rounds in Speed Roulette go by so much faster. This is just one of nine roulette tables the software provider has created. All of them allow a limitless number of players to enjoy MMC SGD this release.

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Bets are made using the main grid in front of you, and the racetrack in the bottom right corner of the screen. The main grid is what you use to place all your standard bets. Whether it’s a Straight number stake or an Odd/Even wager, you place it using the main grid. The racetrack is used when you want to make a neighbours bet, or if you want to stake on one of the special French wagers like Voisins Du Zero.

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Speed Roulette has also kept the detailed statistics page. You can quickly check hot and cold numbers here. In fact, you can even make direct bets from this page, which you don’t see often from other software providers! If you enjoy playing passively like we do, then Evolution Gaming allowing you to save your favourite bets is a godsend.


The Differences

The key difference is obviously the speed. The developers advertise each game round taking about 25 seconds to complete. This is a massive upgrade compared to a standard round of roulette, and even beats Playtech’s own Speed Roulette game. For the most part, dealers were able to keep up with the pace. However, some did lag a few seconds behind, likely still getting used to the new way of playing.

How did Evolution Gaming make each round so quick? That’s because the next round starts as soon as the previous round’s winner is determined. The dealer will spin the wheel again while players make bets. The wheel is almost always in motion, meaning players are always making a new bet.

Apart from that key difference, there are no changes between Speed Roulette and the real thing. Thanks to skilled and friendly dealers, these fast-paced rounds feel just as smooth as standard Roulette games. As we already mentioned, there’s also a Playtech version of this release. We would still recommend playing Evolution’s version. It’s faster and smoother compared to anything else on the market.

Final Thoughts

We already mentioned that we like playing roulette while watching something else. However, we found that our focus hasn’t dropped from the wheel once when we played Speed Roulette! By the time the first round ends, the next one is already underway. If regular roulette is a bit too boring for you, this variant may win you over!

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